About me

About 10 years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I would say to anyone who would ask to tell something about myself the same thing. My go-to response would be something along the lines of: “I’m pretty normal I guess, there is nothing special about me. You could say I’m pretty average.”

However, only a few years ago my vision of myself changed. Only then I could see myself as who I truly was. A girl who would and could stand up for herself. A girl who would choose her own path, career-wise and relationship-wise. But also a girl who thought she had life all figured out only to run facefirst into that lie.

I’ve always had a hard time balancing my emotions, work and personal life. It would be a lie to say I don’t have an addictive personality. With that I mean that when I feel passionate about something I throw myself into it. To the extend that I can lose myself in a new passion.

This has translated in several youtube channels, mutible blogs and hobbies which came and went. My biggest hobby and passion has been reading. I invested so much of my time in reading without being able to give voice to my thoughts that eventually even my reading slowed down and I gave up on my “Booktube” channel and blog. I just stopped working on it.

The same goes for all my other hobbies that I started and eventually “failed” at by simply giving up overnight. Everytime I start a new project I throw myself at it only to burn out too quickly. I set goals that are too high, or I try to reach too far. Over time, sometimes even within a few months, I just stop working on these projects.

And I always blame it on life getting too busy.

Thruth be told, I’ve noticed that whenever I can focus and invest on a project I thrive. It makes no sence that I should stop working on projects, but for some reason this is where I always find myself. And I’ve proven to myself mutiple times that writing out my thoughts clears my head.

To wrap up this “About Me” post; I’ve created this blog for all my favourite things. Even when I don’t play games or read much I still have a place to write about anything and everything.

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