A Bilingual Brain

I thought it would be helpful to explain a little detail about where I’m from and my decision to write my blog English.

I’m born and raised in the Netherlands. I’m basically as Dutch as you can get. But somehow, everything I do online I do in English. I’ve started several blogs and had a YouTube channel. Those were all fully in English. It never occurred to me to write something in Dutch because that’s not how my brain works.

Every since I was little I was fascinated with the English language. I started to read in English and my thoughts became more manageable in a second language. Somehow I could articulate and express my thoughts and feelings better this way.

To this day I don’t know what triggered it or how it started. But the fact is that my thoughts flow better in a different language. And to be honest, I like it! I like that I can have a conversation with myself that’s not feeling forced. My thoughts feel fake or forced when they are in Dutch.

I am not even close to being bilingual. But my brain does work in this mysterious way.

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