Embrace the night sky

Sitting outside, staring into the abyss of the night sky thinking about everything all at once but hearing nothing at all. Everything around you feeling like the beginning of something new. Something so close you can taste it but it still seems too far away. Not being able to grasp it and it’s driving you crazy but at the same time there is serenity in it all. Do you take the risk trying to reach it, touch it? To feel its embrace and let it engulf you?

On nights like this you want to be swept of your feet by the feeling of truly giving it your all. Forget everything you know, let your mind go blank for just a single moment and let your body and soul experience life around you as if it’s the first time you’ve woken up. Loneliness doesn’t exist and home isn’t a place.

Listen to the sounds around you and let it draw you in. You can hear you neighbors talking but you can’t hear the words they speak. Follow that faraway sound of the lone car driving blocks away. The soft sounds of the leaves on the trees. Feel the warmth of the summer nights’ air. The heaviness of it on your skin. Listing to the feelings inside of you. Feel everthing all at once.

You get one life, one chance. Don’t take for granted what is right in front of you. So take it in, embrace it all. You’ll never know what the day might bring when you open your eyes again.

Letting your thoughts go silent is the scariest and most powerful thing you can do if all you’ve ever known is a busy mind. Always racing, always feeling the need to be doing or thinking something. It becomes second nature. But only when you stop thinking and let yourself embrace the nothingness of it all you can find beauty in the smallest of details. The subtle shift in the air, the breeze you didn’t feel before making the hairs on your arms stand up. How bright the smallest star shines, how that one flower dances with the wind when the rest around it won’t move.

It’s freedom

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