When two souls meet

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just know they are going te become a big part in your life. You’re not sure in what way but it doesn’t seem to matter because this is a chapter of your life that will write itself. It’s strange how it seems to work, there are no words to describe the feeling. It’s just there, you not only feel it but you experience it.

It feels like I’ve run into an old friend that I lost years ago. You feel familiar to me but with no explanation to why. The way a fresh cup of coffee hits just right in the morning, sitting at a café whilst listening to the symphony of strangers walking past in a busy world. And no matter how rushed everything around you seems, your world slows down when you take that first sip. Colors become brigther, more defined. You notice the smile a stranger wears, the pure bliss of acceptance.

Talking to you comes as easy as breathing. There is no judgdement, no compitition, no hesitation. When I just need to rant you provide a listening ear. When words can’t describe what I’m feeling or what I need in that moment you give silence the stage without it feeling pressing. When I get quiet because the thoughts in my head are overflowing but not finding ground, you break the silence without being asked. There is never a moment where we don’t seem to understand each other, never a moment where the conversation halts, where the meaning of the words seem to change. And all that without being near.

You came into my life without warning, when I was at a low point and didn’t want to talk to anyone. What started of as two strangers simply saying “Hi” with no intention of getting to know each other evolved into something I cannot give a name to. It’s a connection we both feel is there for a reason. We’re no longer strangers but what we are is not defined. You became a part of my day, a part of my thoughts, the reason I remember to wear a smile again. You remind me that it is okay to not feel okay some days, that you cannot force happiness. And at the same time to let lose and laugh about absolutely nothing.

However long you decide to stay, promise me you will only stay as long as you feel safe and heard. Not because it feels like you have to. And if you do decide to go one day, I won’t be mad. I will always remember you and what you meant to me.

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