Earliest memories

Do you remember the feeling of seeing a hot air balloon for the first time as a child? Or your first experience of stepping on fresh cut grass with bare feet? The first time you drank your now favorite drink and how it tasted to you in that moment? Do you remember the emotions you experienced when you saw a bubble flying through the sky, the one your parents created with just air but it seemed like pure magic. How it felt when you tried to catch it but instead of catching it, it popped by the mere brushstroke of your touch. Do you remember how you felt it those moments? What your thoughts were? How the air felt around you? How you truly experienced your first memories?

Do you truly remember those moments? Those early memories? Do you feel your first emotions just as they were back then. Or do you think about how you must have felt, what you must have thought, how it must have been? Are the memories whole or do you fill them in when you revisit them. Knowing how you would react as you are now but pretending it is the first time you experience that moment.

But what makes a memory? What about that moment makes the synapsis in your brain fire with intent, trying to capture it forever. Making you hold on to it and safely store it away only to get it out again and remember it maybe years later. Is it the emotions you felt? The sounds around you? The smell of the air? The colors of the ground? The words someone spoke?

And when those early memories resurface and you let yourself exprience that moment again. Reliving a moment that happened either moments or years ago. Do you hold on to those feelings a little longer, even after the memory is stored away again? Or do you let the feelings slip away as if the only place for them is with the memory?

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