5000 Miles away

Halfway across the world but you’re still on my mind. Distance cannot change the way my body aches for you. I see you in the shapes of others. Hear your laugh in my ears. And when night falls I find myself staring in your eyes when I close mine.

When we talk it feels like you’re next to me. Enjoying the evening sun with a cold beer. Sharing thoughts about our day, sometimes a little banter but never forced. But still it feels like we’re worlds apart.

What we both want doesn’t seem to align. Our thoughts might be the same but it’s just that. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. Truly seeing each other’s feelings, knowing once’s thoughts. But not getting what we might want. And somehow it still feels like we both want the same.

My mind is urging me to walk away but my heart keeps pushing me in your direction. It might be better to drift apart. But we can’t seem to let each other go. We keep coming back for more and no distance can change that, not even 5000 miles.

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