Shooting stars

I’ve always had an affinity with the moon and the night sky filled with stars. I’m always drawn to her as she appears after a long day of light. She is always the beacon that reminds me to keep reflecting light even when the sky turns black and you feel yourself trapped in darkness. Even when blocked by clouds you see her brightness behind it and she will always reappear.

When night falls she is the first to rise, sometimes even before the sun has set. The chase that happens every night. The moon always brings a calmness with her I can’t describe. The moment I lay my eyes on her time stops and I take a step back. I’m never able to capture her prefect imperfections when I take a picture. So I just stare at her and hope she whispers back.

Some nights my songs to her are heard and she grants me with shooting stars. Bright for only a second they fire across the sky before they fade away. Blink and you miss them. But when you do catch them in that single moment, make a wish upon that star.

Outside in the darkness I never feel alone. Because the moon will always keep me company.

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