Picket white fence

I don’t want another temporary person who will so easily let me fall as quickly as the fire burned when it was first lit. Leaving me on my own again to pick up the pieces, but this time not only of myself. I don’t want to go from strangers to lovers to strangers again. All because of a single thought that crossed your mind and changed our dynamic overnight. I don’t want to chase you into oblivion because that just isn’t right. I don’t want a love that is quick and fibrant like fireworks that will eventually wear off.

I want mornings together where we drink coffee or tea, enjoying to world around us waking up sitting on a balcony. I want late night talks underneath a star filled sky, laying on your lap talking about small details we like. I want long walks through the woods or along beaches, running and dancing and picking dandelions in a field. Camping trips and snowboarding, movie nights and picnics. A flower garden and a house filled with green. Singing out of tune as if no one is listening. Eating at our favorite restaurant or getting take-out instead. Cold nights in front of a fireplace with a new book to read. Holding hands and random kisses.

I want to fall in love slowely, first with your soul before I ever touch your skin. I want to go from strangers to friends to lovers that stay. Building eachother up, not tearing eachother down. Supporting your decisions like you support mine. We will never be perfect with a house with green grass and a picket white fence, but it will be perfect to you and me.

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