Be honest

Late at night my phone buzzes, your name appears on the screen.
You’re out with friends again, an innocent “how have you been”.
So I reply out of kindness, I’ve missed you but that’s not what I say.
You try to escape the reality that I’m still on your mind, you just want to play.

Time keeps moving but we still haven’t said good night.
We promised that we wouldn’t do this again, that this is not right.
When morning comes you feel guild rising and send an apology.
But you are playing with my heart, why can’t you see?

I can’t keep doing this.
Not knowing when it will end.
I keep hurting myself by letting you in.
Afraid of the message I need to send.

I am done with waiting around.
Done with the uncertainty.
I am not someones second choice or rebound.
So make up your mind or just let me be.

And just when I think we’re over this and can finally let go.
You become a daily presence again.
With good morning texts and kisses.
Talking all day and taking it slow.
It’s not clear where we stand or where this will lead.
Will you stay this time or will I be the one that will for once leave.

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