What do you see

Look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Do you see the colours of your eyes or how they glisten? Do you see your lips as nothing special or do you see the dimples they create when you smile? Do you see the imperfections of your scars or the stories they tell?

You find faults in your body but what you don’t see, is how the shapes of your body make who you are meant to be. The curves that are just made for you. How your smile reaches your eyes and can light up a room. Every scar and imperfection tell a story, what you’ve been through and where you’ve been. Mirrors don’t show who you are from within.

A mirror will show you the reflection of what you want to see. It will not show your struggles or soft touch. Your laughter or your heart. Those things are reserved for others, not for a mirror made of glass.

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