Beyond the sea

Leaving footsteps in the sand, a dog running past chasing his ball. Walking along the shore on bare feet, shoes dangling from your fingertips. Letting your mind wonder as the waves softly brush against your legs. The wind wraps around your skin, like it tries to protect you from the heat of the sun. Patches of fresh clouds dot the sky above, like paint-strokes on a canvas. Breaking up the bright sky into smaller sections of white and blue with the sun glowing in between. And you walk. Slow lingering steps. Letting your feet sink just a little, feeling grains of sand sweeping across your ankles as the ocean beckons them to follow the tide. Making you sway softly like the tall grass dancing in the breeze. Staring at the horizon, watching the waves further away rolling and breaking as they come closer. Barely making it to the shoreline before they disappear back into the ocean. Seeing sailboats and surfers gliding without a sound, movements so graceful and tranquil. Your eyes drifting towards the horizon where the sky meets the sea, stretching for miles. It makes you want to reach for it, to try and find the point where they connect. What will you find, if there might be anything, beyond the sea.

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