Lost and found

For a connection so strong, how did we manage to lose it all? We went from talking every day and sharing our deepest secrets to going our separate ways. It wasn’t like we fell apart, had a fight or simply didn’t care. Because you were still in my heart and I would look for you everywhere. You were my best friend, how did this happen, is there something we must admit? We promised each other “I will never leave your side”, but that is exactly what we did. Too scared to reach out, too busy with life or lost in a kiss. We lived hours apart but that didn’t stop us before so what could have changed, what did we miss?

I lost you in the crowd, you were nowhere to be seen. And I missed you so much, would someone please wake me from this dream. I promised I would be there for you in your darkest times. But I couldn’t keep that promise and it hurts so I’ll say “I am sorry” one final time. For all the Christmas cards you send that I never received. That I wanted to call and talk to you if you still believed. But life went on with more clouds in the sky. To say I had forgotten you would be a lie.

After 6 years of no contact I didn’t know what to expect. But it would not be what happened with that one single text. A simple happy birthday because how could I forget. But this time we stuck around like the day we first met. I will never disregard what you meant to me all those years. How you stood by my side, made me laugh and erased my tears. Words can’t express how glad I am to have finally found you. After missing for so many years that one person I can hold onto.

You are not someone I could replace so can we promise this one thing? Let’s go back to how we were years ago and tell each other everything. Every heartbreak, mishap or amazing memory. Pick up where we left off if you would still have me. I will not take you for granted, our bruised connection we can mend. We will never break apart because you were truly my best friend.

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