Stuck in between

She’s stuck. Stuck between the walls she build to protect herself. Walls that were meant to keep others out, not to keep her trapped inside. Was it a miscalculation or did she just forget. Forget herself as a defense mechanism. She only has herself to keep company. She is her own ride or die, so she’ll sit this one out. No one can break the promise she made with herself. Not if they can’t hear her shout.

She is stuck. Stuck between wanting love and not loving at all. Her heart in a glass cage. It feels and sees everything but it’s too fragile, too easy to break. Locked away and the key thrown out. But she’s eager for adventure, eager to get out. Opening up and pushing away, the contradictions not making her want to stay. She won’t let go but can barely hold on. Will her grip tighten or loosen, what could go wrong.

She is desperately stuck. Stuck in between everything from love to hate, from faith to trust. Chains around her lungs but grasping for air. Tears building up and want to be let free. But the cold keeps them in, there is no time for despair. The melody in her body can’t decide, is it wanting more but not wanting to be seen.

She is desperately stuck in between.

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