Prompt: changing leaves // Letters to September – 03

With every passing minute the world changes around us.
But only when the trees, the flowers and grass show the change through colours we believe it.
We don’t see the change when it’s happening rather when it’s complete.
Only when the green leaves have fully turned yellow or orange or even red do we acknowledge it.
And sometimes only when the leaves finally fall do we see.
Because the change is so subtle and steady we forget to pause and take a look.
Hold our breaths for a moment or take a step back.
Admire the familiar textures, smells and sounds of changing leaves.
Just stop and look at how the vibrant greens change to the deep rich oranges of embers, rising from within.
The two colours mixing so perfectly together and blending where they meet.
And when it’s finally time to let go and there are no more changing leaves, the flow is cut off and they start to fall.
Drifting towards the ground below where they can rest and die in peace.

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