Prompt: a moment of rest // Letters to September – 04

Busy streets and a busy mind.
Always on the move, always working.
To-do lists longer than yourself, never enough hours in a day to complete.
Scheduling in your sleep, forgetting to sit down and eat.
Answering every text and phone call.
Never saying no to extra projects and meetings in between.
Keeping up with friends, going to every event.
Never feeling good enough, always wanting more.
No time to stress so everything is always fine, hobbies feel like chores.
Running on adrenaline and caffeine.
Keep smiling and dress to impress.
There are no off days in a busy bees life.
Always bending and stretching, feeling the presure of societies expectations.
Never content, always searching for that dream life.

When will it ever be enough or will you only rest once you break?

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