Prompt: missing a friend // Letters to September – 08

She finds herself going through her day without giving it any thoughts. Going with the flow like it has always been. It’s just a normal Thursday, filled with works and meetings, a quick stop at a coffee shop to refill her caffeine addiction. There is nothing special about today, no plans with friends, no celebrations. Passing a flower shop, the scent of the tulips displayed outside wrap around her. It was not her plan to take a look inside, she never buys flowers for herself. She knows they will only be pretty for a few days before the wither and turn brown. But that scent just captivates her somehow and she is drawn closer. The vibrant colors of red and yellow, some even variegated with white stripes in between. Stepping inside she finds herself in an oasis of everything that blooms. Flowers and plants in all shapes and sizes, wearing colors proudly on their leaves and petals. Every single one of them unique and standing proud, ready to be taken home and become the centerpiece of a room. Standing in the flower shop lifts her heart and brings a smile to her eyes. And then she remembers. Her best friend from high school, who she hasn’t spoken to in what feels like forever. A bond that was so close it feels wrong to think they drifted apart. But eventually they did. Their life together was just not meant to exist beyond her teenage years. It was perfect all those years ago, in those moments where they were always by each other’s side and she will forever cherish the friendship that they had. But what made her remember? Was is the smell of flowers or the exuberance of colors? Was it the joy she felt, being surrounded by blossoms and greenery? Or had her old friend just been on her mind without realizing it and had the moment itself brought the memory forward? Whatever it might be she will always look back on it with fondness, it will always have a place in her heart. Whatever might happen to the memory, and for however long it might stay. In this moment she grants herself permission to miss her friend and grief for what was lost. For the friendship they had and the time they spend together, she will never get it back. Trying to fix something that isn’t broken will only leave more scars and she knows it is not worth to temper with the memory that they share. Even though she never buys herself flowers, this time she does. She picks out a few tulips and a dahlia or two. So she can bring home the memory of missing a friend and what it might have let to.

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