Prompt: seeing you grow up // Letters to September – 09

Getting older can be a strange thing. But the strangest thing is seeing you grow up alongside me. It’s both the most beautiful and terrifying thing at the same time and I have the privilege of experiencing it with you.

I remember when you were still so small that I’d carry you around all day like it was only last week. The way I rocked you back and forth to help you find sleep. Only a few hours of pure bliss before I needed to wake you up again because it was time for you to eat. It was a cycle that lasted for what feels like forever but was already too short because with every passing minute you learned something new. From holding your own bottle to walking with trembling little legs. Picking up your teddy bear to the first words you said. But then again I am brought back to the reality that you are already going to school. Wanting to do most of everything on your own, even if at first you don’t succeed.

I will always be there to catch you when you stumble or fall. I’ll be your best friend if you need me to and listen when you’re sad or angry or just want to talk. And one day you’ll experience your first heartbreak and I want you to know, that I’ll be there to help you pick up the pieces and get you through. I can’t take the pain away but I will carry it with you if you need me to.

You will never know how letting go can haunt my dreams but puts a smile on my face. It’s knowing that one day you won’t need me anymore, and that is okay. It’s part of parenthood and I’ll do it all over again if you’d ask me to. But I hope you can experience it for yourself when you become a parent one day to.

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