Prompt: sunset // Letters to September – 10

It’s not possible to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Watching the sunset isn’t made special because of the grass that you sit on, or the breeze of cool air playing with your hair. It’s not made special because of the glass of wine you’re holding while standing on a balcony in France looking out towards the mountains. It’s not even made special because of the silent waves of the ocean kissing the shore whilst you sit in the warm sand with bare feet in your sundress.

The sunset is made special because of how it’s different every time but still holds the power to move me to my core. It’s the colors painted in the sky, the bright blue of the day turning purple and gold at night. Lingering just long enough to see the sky dance in colors before they shift a last time into the dark shades of indigo before the stars make their appearance in the obsidian sky.

It’s the way it makes me feel, no matter where I am no matter who I’m with. It’s the serenity of the dark and light combined. The way it makes my heart lift and the ability to bring tears to my eyes. It’s the way the sunset holds the power to stop time and take my breath away. And even though the sun will disappear behind the horizon and can leave me gasping for air. I always know it will not be gone forever, it’s only granting the stage of the night sky for another star to shine.

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