Prompt: time // Letters to September – 11

We gave it a name but it’s not there to touch. It can’t be seen or felt, but it will never judge. It always moves like a sequence of events that occurs in apparently irreversible succession. From past through present, into the future where it has not even happened. It can move to fast to comprehend, or sometimes acts like a foe or friend. You want to slow it down or even make it reverse. The way it’s always running at a perfect speed but can still feel like a curse.

It’s funny how you never notice that it’s always moving or sometimes even seems to fly. Especially when you’re feeling blessed or bubbly inside. However in some moments you just want it to stop. It’s not always helping, and you can never get is back. All you might want is to slow it down, to save it or keep it close, and with everything in you want to hold it in your arms. But you know that sometimes you must let go. It’s not meant to be tamed, it will never listen to you. Just follow its course and hear its sounds. It will always be a mysterious thing and all you have to do is just have it let it guide you sometimes.

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