Find joy in small things

This morning was like every other. Got up around 7am, got myself and my daughter dressed and ready for school. Breakfast was enjoyed and lunch was made. Well, lunch for my girl not for myself, that would have to wait when I got back from dropping her off at school. Now here is where something funny happened that I just needed to share.

I was out of butter so before returning home I stopped by the grocery store really quick. It was supposed to be an in-and-out sort of deal; grab butter, pay, go home. But, my grocery store has a small neat plant collection right at the entrance. And for everyone who knows me knows that I love plants. I am basically in the process of turning my home into a jungle. And I’m not even kidding about this, the current count of plants lies around 30+ (I’m not counting propagations) and they are all sitting pretty in my living room with more than enough room to spare.

So I walk into the grocery store, my mind focused on one single item and before I even make in through the little plant section I find myself staring at a beautiful fern. I only have minutes to decide if I want to bring it home with me or leave it, but we all know that when I lock eyes with a plant, it’s coming home with me!

You can imagine the weird combination when checking out at the cash register and the smile on my face as I tried to keep from bursting out laughing. A big fern with its leaves happily bouncing in all directions and long enough to shield its pot from being scanned, and a small packet of butter. I’ve seen some weird combinations myself when I worked behind the register, but this was by far the funniest one to me.

It’s all I needed that morning to make me laugh to myself. Finding joy in the smallest of details can really turn around your day and I just needed to share this gem of events that led to being the center of joy for me for today.

So what small event has made your day shine a little bit brighter? Was it a funny moment or simply seeing a nice act or moment of appreciation? I would love to know. And for now, I am going to think about this silly moment for days to come and I know when I get home and see that fern that I am going to laugh to myself of how random my life sometimes can be.

Take care and keep on writing!


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