Prompt: rainy day // Letters to September – 14

Sitting outside on the porch with a warm cup of tea in her hands Amber looks out across her front yard. A soft blanket covers her waist and the book she was reading lays open and forgotten on her lap. The words on the pages patiently waiting to be met by her eyes. For now, they just stare out into the open, laid bare to the elements and not even the stars will read them.

The air is still humid and heavy from the rain that kissed the ground that day, more had fallen than she had been expecting. But the rain was welcomed with open arms, the flowers and trees had begged for it for days. Amber sits in silence letting the warmth of her tea warm her hands, blowing softly at the steam rising from the cup. Blowing it aside just enough to see through it.

It was a long day with bustling streets and too much talking. Too much to do and not a single moment to take a step back and take a deep breath. All Amber needs now is the sound of heavy rainfall to drown it all out. But it looks like the clouds are empty and drifting away, ready to open up the sky again for the stars to take the stage.

It was such a beautiful rainy day and she missed it. Caught up with work with no time to appreciate it. And now at night Amber longs for the raindrops to fall again, to engulf her and wrap her in its embrace while she sits sheltered on her porch embracing it all and reading on to the next page.

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