Letters to September – an update and a little change

I’m officially halfway through my Letters to September challenge and I am loving every moment of it so far. Writing pretty much every single day can sometimes be a challenge in itself but I found that if I focus for at least a few minutes I can get something down on paper. And the moment I start writing the rest of the story follows suit. I am so glad that I didn’t set any other restrictions for myself when it came to this challenge, like a minimum word count or format that I needed to use. Every piece I’ve written so far completely stands on its own, some in the form of poetry whilst others feel more like a true short story.

But there is something I need to address, the format I am using for the titles feel stiff. And because all pieces I’ve written are all based on a single prompt it feels like I’m trying to group them all together in one big clump of Letters to September. And this might be a little bit true, because I do want to be able to differentiate between stories in this series from other stories and pieces I post on my blog. But at the same time I feel like the usage of the title “Letters to September – date” is taking away from the individuality of the stories.

So I have decided to go back and change every single title to the prompt that I have used to create that story. But I am not letting go of the phrase Letters to September in the title either, I will merge them together so there is still an easy way to distinguish if the piece was part of this project/challenge. They all still share the same category and I will not change this because I believe this might be a recurring thing. I might choose to use this challenge again next year, or maybe even during a different month. But that is thinking too far into the future. Also it makes all my pieces in Letters to September easy to find.

But to get back to some fun stuff, I really appreciate all the love and interaction I have received after starting this challenge that I wanted to share the 5 most viewed pieces of my Letters to September:

  1. Rainy day
  2. The smell or the air
  3. Snapshot
  4. The echoes of your words
  5. The ending of summer and beginning of fall

So tell me, are you enjoying the prompts that I’ve been using and what was your personal favorite? Mine is the combination of Flickering lights at your desk and Snapshot. I have found that if you read them back to back they create a story together. As if they are meant to be read together, the same story but from a different perspective.

Take care and keep on writing!


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