Prompt: the sea // Letters to September – 18

Calm and wild during night and day.
The waves will always listen to what you have to say.
No matter what age you are, where you’re from or where you stand.
Walk along her shores and discover her soft brushes when she kisses the sand.
Play with her waves as they curl and break.
But don’t get to cocky because you don’t know what she might take.
Stare at the line where the sky meets the sea.
You might spot a pirate ship or is that just her reflection staring back at me.
If you listen close enough you just might hear a sirens song.
Or maybe it’s just her breeze reminding you why you’ve come.
She can’t be tempered with we all know this to be true.
But remember that she might be just like me and you.
She can’t be tamed but follow her signs.
If you are brave enough she might let you ride her waves at times.
Dance with her curves and drift with her beneath the stars.
Come follow me to the sea and this memory could be ours.

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