Prompt: a story created from music // Letters to September – 19

This piece was created through the inspiration of the Rawstyle Mashup of Apashe – Lord & Master created by my dear friend Fluxi.

Feeling alone and hurt by everything that occurred over the past years. Not listened to, feelings dismissed and pushed away. Realisations of not being treated well by peers, loved once’s or spouse. Chains around the heart gripping too tight that everything hurts, but no way to get out. Screaming from the inside out, sitting alone and crying silent tears. Faces turn away when passing by, no seconds glances at a broken soul is it even worth a try. Giving up is no option but moving forwards feels pointless and numb. Until she came along. She who was not afraid to bend down and reach out with a soft touch that would mend a broken heart.

Rising up from the floor, still shattered and tears turning to salt. A dance begins of new trust, new beginnings, open doors, and believing. Grey and brittle turns brighter and stronger. Reaching higher with every passing day, reaching for the clouds, not alone but together this time. Smiles collide and laughs are shared. Dancing and running and breathing in rays of sun and through the rain. Might there be a happy ever after after all? Would you believe it, chase it, that this was meant for you? But deep inside, hurt is still engraved. The smallest slip cracks the surface and demons come rushing out, trying for their escape.

Falling back into despair, not calling out for help. Gripping a rose too tight until the thorns split open the soft tissue of your hands. You will not bleed until you let go. The sirens song the heart sings brings helping hands closer. You’re no longer alone sharpening knives and fighting battles that no one sees. No longer alone shedding tears that no one else hears. Still cracked but no longer broken. All because the sun she holds and is willing to share with your broken soul.

A seed was planted so let it rise and blossem for everyone to see. It takes time to grow into what it’s meant to be. It sprouts through the cracks of what was once broken. Creating new life wrapping your heart in its warm embrace. Not all of the leaves might make it, some will fall or tear. It doesn’t mean it’s cursed or forsaken. It’s unique to the core, nurtured with love and battled by fear. But it’s worth the wait for the one you let come near.

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