Prompt: Queen of my own castle // Letters to September – 24

You can’t hurt me no more.
I won’t fall for your lies or hear your twisted words.
I’m not the same person as when I left you behind.
I don’t believe your excuses or let you play with my mind.

The girl that I was, was how you formed me to be.
I see right through your facade, now that I’m finally free.
I was never enough, spend years in doubt.
Too scared for your words, afraid to reach out.

I’m no longer your puppet you can control by pulling a string.
I escaped the castle of which you were never the king.
Conflict and deception painted my world for years.
And all you did was laugh when you made my eyes fill with tears.

You hoped and believed I was a narcissist’s dream.
Little did you know I transformed into a Queen.
I build my throne on your demise.
I am a phoenix, from the ashes I rise.

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