Prompt: Unsent messages // Letters to September – 26


I wish I could convince you to stay, but I know it’s not my place to make you change your mind. And I know I can’t ask you to try again, if it wasn’t what you were looking for the first time. But what I am curious about is this; did it hurt you as much as it hurt me? Did you have doubts or second guesses, or did it felt like wasted time? What would you do if you could go back and apologize? Would you if you had the chance? I want to know if you’re still wondering like I do. Was it a mistake or a lesson? Were you scared of commitment, was a wound still too fresh or was it something different? Something I probably don’t want to know. But then again I want to ask you why you’re still holding on, dropping hints and kisses. You will not leave my mind so am I still part of yours? But what I want to ask you most is do you even miss me?

– A message I’ll never send (because I don’t want to lose you)


    How could you? What went through your head when you treated me like that? Did you not realize how deeply you hurt me? All those sleepless nights, the self-doubt you bestowed upon me. The misplaced anger and the thousands of tears that I had shed. How could you blame me for my reaction to your actions and then say it’s my own fault? How could you tell me you loved me but then proceeded to dismiss my feelings and tore me down even more? I want so badly to forget the words you spoke to me, the way you made me feel. But those scars I will carry on my heart for years to come, I don’t think I can ever truly get over them. But what I want to ask you most is how can you live with yourself knowing what you put me through?

    – A message I’ll never send (because I am afraid to)


    Why do you care so much for what other people think of you? Why do you let your insecurities win when you know how strong you are? When will you start believing in yourself, when will it be your turn to shine? You should be so proud of yourself, look at how far you’ve come. Always battling demons that no one sees and all whilst holding your head up high. When was the last time someone told you that you are worth it, that you have a fighter in your soul? But most importantly, when was the last time you believed it to be true? Because it all is, you are a fighter, an inspiration, the most powerful and selfless soul I have ever known. You keep on pushing but forget to look in the mirror, take a step back and with full confidence say “Yes, I am enough”. Please don’t let life pull you down and always remember that I truly am proud of you and that I truly do love you.

    – A message I’ll never send (because it’s meant for me)

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