Prompt: My heart on repeat // Letters to September – 28

I find myself again spiralling out of control. Holding on to broken pieces, forgetting how to fly. Dreaming about meadows at the break of dawn with a soft blanket of mist hovering above the ground. Hugging the tree line at the far back with the early soft streaks of the sun barely shining through. Did I make a mistake in loving you? Holding on to the hope that a young deer might appear. Nerveus but reckless peaking through the shadows but his vision never being clear.

When the world is still sleeping thoughts are running wild. Hopes and dreams revisited, am I losing my mind? On the brink of tears rolling down my face the smallest of light comes shining through. Am I making things worse by just thinking of you. I need to forget, keep moving on. But my heart is on repeat, the cycle not over for long. Wounds reopening with every cry, will they eventually heal with time? But then again, why do I keep dreaming of a future that will never be mine.

One response to “Prompt: My heart on repeat // Letters to September – 28”

  1. […] When I was send this picture of a meadow in the early morning fog, I was at work but got transported to the scene. It gave me the inspiration I needed to incorporate it into a scene in one of my Letters to September pieces, to bring the picture to life through the words on a page. The story in question was “My heart on repeat”. […]


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