Prompt: Slow me down // Letters to September – 29

It feels like I’m always rushing and racing and running in circles. I’m moving too fast in this live, forgetting my purpose. Alone in the car the blur of the traffic is sending me spinning. But it feels like I’m getting nowhere. My head and my heart are colliding, my feelings and thoughts chaotic. The pace of the world is just too much for me. I just wish I could stop it. Holding up my end and trying to appear like I’ve got it all together. But deep down I’m falling apart. I wish someone would come in and save me. Take my hand and lead me through this mess of a life. To show me love before it passes me by. Because I’m ready to take that jump and fall off the deep end. Please don’t let me live a lie I’ve created for myself, knowing full well that if I keep going on this path my life will pass me by. Somebody please hear my screams and slow me down.

Sometimes I fear that I might disappear in the mess of this life, in the hurry of time passing by. Stop me before I falter again and I forget how to breath. Please somebody come pick me up, guide me through this blur of fast-forward before I walk this empty path again. I fear that I’ve missed so much of everything, but the scars on my heart and soul still show in my reflection. Never noticed what had happened because I was living in stop-motion, not paying attention. I’m so tired of always rushing and racing and running around. I will never say it out loud but I’m falling apart. Somebody please hear my cries and silent song before love passes me by. Because I’m ready to fall and learn how to fly. Come catch me and save myself from a live filled with lies. I’m scared to trust so please show me how, please slow me down.

The noise of the world makes me quiver in my bones it’s getting me caught up. I need you by my side to face this storm inside me, like a sailboat bracing itself against the mountains of waves ready to take him down. To the depths of the sea where time will finally stop, where I’m able to breath. Always chasing the clock, there is never enough time in a day to take these fears away will you show me how. The sorrow in my heart eating me up like there is no tomorrow, and all I can do is wish I could stop it. Please somebody take me in your arms and show me how, just please slow me down.

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