Prompt: Don’t let this be goodbye // Letters to September – 30

You’re coming to a close, it’s been a wild one this September. We’ve been through so much together. Made new memories, started new projects, made new connections, and discovered deep secrets about ourselves. I’m going to miss you when you’re gone but I know that you cannot stay. Changing times and falling leaves on rainy days signify your end, making room for darker and longer nights and spooky dreams. This whole time you were there for me when I needed to talk or just to sit side by side. Always ready to pick me up and give that little push I needed to keep going. Your presence was all that I needed some days. I hope that you’re proud of me and look back with a smile to remember this season, of what we accomplished together, what we did in our spare time. I wish I could catch your essence and keep it close while you’ll be on your way, keeping you near until we meet again. Just know that you’ll always be on my mind and in my heart, maybe not always there to touch but never forgotten. And I know you’ll do the same, you’ll always come back to me when the times change again. Knowing I’ll be here waiting for you with anticipation, knowing we will start a new adventure. Which paths will we walk next time?

I don’t want you to leave yet, please just stay a little bit longer this time. I want to tell you the story of how you helped to find the voice and the story that will forever be mine. I have discovered that writing as if I’m talking to you has helped me immensely, and you know this to be true. With lyrical sentences as if my words are created by the sounds of the forest, whispered to the page as if by a Pixie or Fae. Escaping from my fingertips and carrying me along, over mountaintops and along river-bends never knowing when the words will stop. Flowing like a waterfall and dancing through my mind, some sentences a jumbled mess before that little spark I find. To connect the dots so the story can flow, taking off from the page and letting its voice show. Thank you for listening to me when you were the last one awake. But now it’s your time to rest and take your well-deserved break.

You have accomplished what you set out to do and I thank you for your time. I’ll be waiting for your return when your cold winds brush against my front door for that first time again on September first. I’ll meet you with a smile and grab my warmer coat so we can take a walk. I won’t say farewell, don’t let this be goodbye now that September ends I’ll learn again how to fly.

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