Writing from a picture

Early mornings on the meadow – Foto taken by a friend

I don’t know about you but I love it when the ground is covered in a blanket of fog. It doesn’t matter to me how cold it is or if I’m running late. When I am met with a view of mist kissing the ground on early mornings, with the sun barely making it over the tops of the trees, I will stop to take a look at it. The scene will always make me calm and reminds me that in this busy life we can still get far away from reality without leaving this planet.

Nature has always had this effect on me. Calming me down with serenity, the pure bliss I feel when I lose myself in its beauty. From the wildflowers sprouting through the cracks in the street to the towering trees in a forest. They never fail to amaze me. The way the sun beams try and break through the packed leaves of a tree in full bloom, creating patterns on the ground. Dancing from one spot of sunshine to another.

When I was send this picture of a meadow in the early morning fog, I was at work but got transported to the scene. It gave me the inspiration I needed to incorporate it into a scene in one of my Letters to September pieces, to bring the picture to life through the words on a page. The story in question was “My heart on repeat”.

Take care and keep on writing!


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