NaNoWriMo – week 2 update

We are almost halfway there! Week two is done and it was a good one. I had an Eureka moment and I’ve surpassed the 10K mark! My Eureka moment happened right when I was about to sit down to write – I finally know what the motif is for my villain in the story and consequently for my MC (main character).

Overall I had a good week but it did have it’s ups and downs. I found myself unable to write some of the days and really needed to push through at times. However, I did finish the first 7 chapters – only 20 left to go! And I’m getting really close to my first plot twist. As in, the chapter I’m starting today will contain it. AHH I’m so excited to start writing it!

My word count:

07/11 1.020

08/11 3

09/11 1.813

10/11 1.034

11/11 426

12/11 2.224

13/11 1.317

Total 7.757

Last week my total word count for the week was 4.962 and this week I added 7.757 bringing my total words count up to 13.973 word in my manuscript! My best day was Saturday but I am really proud of myself for writing 1.000+ words almost every day. I didn’t write on Tuesday (I was simply too tired to write, those 3 words were a simple edit I made) and wrote very little on Friday.

The traditional goal would be 21.671 words at this point. But my personal goal was 13.000 words (trying to reach 30.000 by the end of November, remember). This means that I am slightly over my personal goal and I am really proud of that!

I am getting really close to Act 2 of my story, the part I haven’t plotted to the extend I had plotted Act 1. This makes me kind of nervous, because the outline I need to follow now consists of a few bullet points instead of 1-3 pages – per chapter. Nevertheless, I will keep writing and try to reach my personal goal of 30.000 words by the end of November. We’re (almost) halfway there.

So tell me, what are your stats for the first week of NaNoWriMo? Are you on schedule or falling behind? No matter how many words you’ve written, be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far!

Take care and keep on writing!


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