NaNoWriMo – week 3 update

So… Week 3 huh? Yeah, it was pretty much a fail for me. I wrote a whopping 433 words on Monday and nothing for the rest of the week.

My daughter got sick and I had one of the busiest weeks at work. So every night when I had finally gotten my girl to bed, I was beyond exhausted.

I wasn’t feeling too hot myself and just not in the mood to drain my mental capacity just to get the words in. And that is okay! Everyone has difficult weeks and sometimes it’s just better to take a step back instead of pushing yourself to a point of breaking. So that is exactly what I did.

I did, however, read and finished a book this week. Wrote a review of it in my Reading Journal and went to IKEA to finally get myself a TBR cart (look it up on Instagram and you’ll exactly know what I mean by that).

My word count:

14/11 433

15/11 0

16/11 0

17/11 0

18/11 0

19/11 0

20/11 0

Total 433

Last week my total word count for the week was 7.757 and this week I added only 433 bringing my total word count up to 14.486 word in my manuscript. I am getting closer to 15K and that is worth celebrating!

The traditional goal would be 33.340 words at this point. But my personal goal was 20.000 words (trying to reach 30.000 by the end of November, remember). This means that I am, as of this week, falling behind on my personal goal. But I am not beating myself up over it. I made a promise to myself that I would be writing for me, not for anyone else or for the sole purpose of winning NaNoWriMo.

So tell me, what are your stats for the third week of NaNoWriMo? Are you on schedule or falling behind? No matter how many words you’ve written, be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far!

Take care and keep on writing!


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