Why I write

It occurred to me that I have never touched on this subject before so I thought it was finally time to rectify this. Especially since my blog is gradually growing I thought it would be nice to have my thoughts about this topic somewhere here to look back on. Also, I could eventually revisit this post to see how my reasons might have changed, or if they stayed the same. Plus, I just wanted to write about it.

So let’s dive into the topic of why I write. It’s actually very simple, it clears my head. It forces me to concentrate on a single subject, feeling or thought. To isolate that one single fleeting thought, capture it and expand upon it. It’s a way for me to articulate what goes on in my brain into something tangible instead of it staying a jumbled mess. Writing gives me a sense of clarity but it can also hurt. Especially because I tend to write from and through emotions, most of my short stories are based on things I have experienced. And even though I sometimes cannot express how a certain event may have affected me, when I sit down to write my mind takes over and the story seemingly tends to write itself. I relive emotions and feelings, and thus sometimes pain, when I write and find a way to put those feelings and thoughts to paper.

The act of writing itself is physically calming to my body. The clicking of the keyboard, the way the air around me shifts with emotions and how the outside world around me seem to fade. I completely dissolve into the words that flow from my fingertips as I watch sentences take form that can make me sometimes gasp for air. I’m proud of what I create and in its core, writing gives me a rush of excitement.

Tell me, what is your reason to write? And if you don’t write, why do you love to do the things that you do?

Take care and keep on writing!


7 responses to “Why I write”

  1. Loved it, Merel. You’ve beautifully articulated your thoughts. I’ve read your post twice and trust me, I’m sitting here with a smile on my face whilst taking in the depth of what you have written. More power to you! : )

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  2. Writing is indeed therapeutic. But for me that’s a pleasant by-product. I originally started to blog when I was writing a book proposal, and one of the things I was told to include was, “Tell about your blog(s), what they’re about, and how many followers you have.”
    I thought, “Yikes! I’ve never even READ a blog, much less written one!” So, I figured I should start one, having no idea how time-consuming it would be – or how fulfilling. I’ve had feedback from all over the world, telling me the “divine perspective” I share is helping others in their perspectives, too. Most of my posts include a story of a time I needed God’s perspective (as opposed to my own, or the world’s) and was given it. It does make me happy and grateful to look back on all the times I’ve been blessed, and it’s nice to know what I write blesses others, too.

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