Prompt: Fireplace // Letters to September – 25

Fall has finally arrived in full. The air now holds a sharpness to it, wrapped ever so slightly in cold. The streets glow with orange hues of crispy leaves, like a blanket covering the floor. The warm smell of spices and pumpkin fields hangs all around us. The sun sets with an eagerness of young birds that want to fly. Shirts are exchanged for cozy sweaters and bare hand carry mittens. Couches are restocked with pillows and soft plaid blankets. Candles are scattered throughout houses, sitting and shining on every surface that will hold them.

This time of year brings smiles to faces, warm sensations of feeling welcome. It’s a time for sharing cold nights together. Of lounging around and losing yourself in new stories told through 600 pages. It’s a time of pumpkin spice, cafe lattes, and hot chocolate drinks with marshmallows floating in it. It’s a time for movies nights. Wether it is an old favourite filled with joy or a new film with a scary scene. Of weekends filled with staying in, playing boardgames and having fun.

But the best nights to enjoy are the once with pillows and blankets on the floor. Building fords like little kids with string lights and their soft glow. Reliving old memories and making so many more. Talking about pasts and futures, science fiction and myths, laughing all night, all in pure bliss. And all of the best moments are remembered and created, in front of the old fireplace that will never get outdated.

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