Prompt: the smell of the air // Letters to September – 02

In winter it’s the crispness, the cold, the smell of fresh falling snow. The monochromatic colours of the world around us makes everything so pure. Like everything and everyone is equal. I imagine that an old black and white movie would smell the same. Watching it from the roofs of our car, wrapped in more blankets than you can count.

In spring it’s the soft tones of blossoming flowers. The buds on the trees not quite ready to erupt. The smell of honey and fresh cut grass. The lightness in the smiles that everyone seems to slowly get back, the sparkle in your eyes. The smell of new beginnings, adventure and fresh starts.

In summer it’s the pure bliss of happiness. The smell of sweat and sunscreen and sweet lemon tea. Of dancing underneath the moonlight with no clouds in the sky. Laughing on rooftops with you by my side. The smell of barbecue, red bricks emanating heat and bubblegum.

And then there is fall and early September. With air that always seems the richest. The heat of spices and everything orange. Everything smells like warmth and forgiveness. Heavy on your skin like a tight hug you didn’t ask for but actually needed. The smell of friendships and kinship, dark and deep like chocolate and clementines.

The smell of the air alone can bring back so many memories. Memories of my childhood or a random night I won’t forget. And even sometimes of you.

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