Prompt: Let’s rewrite love // Letters to September – 23

I’m sick and tired of fires burning too quickly. Of sparks not getting the chance to grab hold and warm a broken heart. Of love being neglected because the timing wasn’t right or simply because it needed effort. I’m done with chasing the thrill but not pushing through. Done with running from love because it feels unexpected and new. All around us love is abandoned, thrown away, and broken off. This generation plays with love with no hesitation but will not commit. Is this what we get when we ask for love? Does it even still exist? Chasing and excitement for a few short weeks. Fireworks when kissing and looks that makes you weak. Then walking away without a second glance. Because you couldn’t find the hours to make this love last. You didn’t want to put in the effort, or try and explore. But now your true love might have moved on, a missed chance, or was that rush you felt worth more?

Let’s rewrite love to what it used to be. A new definition of warm blankets near a fireplace or underneath a tree. Let’s redefine love as what it’s supposed to be. Small talk that turns in long walks, along beaches or through busy streets. Grabbing a coffee on the go and exploring a new city. The combination of excitement and serenity. Of running through the rain with a laugh escaping your lips. To end the night with falling in love again thinking about that first kiss. Love should be about supporting each other and chasing your dreams. It should be unconditional and even found through cracks in the seams. But love can also be simple like the calm rippling of a river. It doesn’t mean a spark was lost or the fire put on low. It’s wanting to spend your down time with that one person, even when it’s boring or slow. Love should be about living side by side. Of sharing most of everything with challenges in between. Love should never be about a void that needs filling. It should complement and amplify your soul and the way that you’re living.

That’s what my soul is searching for. That longing that can’t be filled after only a few drinks. It’s the trust that I want to build, before you even move in. Let me fall in love in a slow and aching way. I first truly need to know, that this love is the one that finally will stay.

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