Prompt: Midnight adventures // Letters to September – 27

When she can’t sleep all she does is stare at the wall waiting for the hours to tick by. But the clock doesn’t want to seem to move. All she wants are midnight adventures. Imagining picnics in flower-fields, walking secret trails through the forests, discovering places no one has stepped foot in before. Exploring forgotten castles and taking part in archery games. Watching the sunset on a mountaintop, not planning on getting down again. Getting in the car and driving until she runs out of gas, letting the roads lead her the way, never knowing which turn she’ll take.

All she wants is to be free. Free of the life that seems to be holding her back. Running around being wild and free. Not caring for the world around her, the judging looks and dismissive glares. She doesn’t care, all she wants is to be herself. To be unapologetically herself. She wants to dance in the rain underneath the star filled sky and full moon. Sing her heart out to all the songs on the radio, not caring if anyone out there can hear her. All she needs is someone to hear her siren song.

But there she lies, at 3 am by herself staring at the wall but time still won’t seem to move. Will there come a day where someone will take her on a midnight adventure? Or will she keep on imagining all the possibilities of campfires at the beach when dawn breaks.

All she wants are midnight adventures. Let her live that fantasy.

All I want are midnight adventures. Let me live that fantasy.

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